Being a senior makes it almost easier to write a book as a senior since you have lived through so much more than most people on the earth and you have a lot of experience in your life and have so many cool stories to tell most likely if you did cool things in your everyday life. If you aren’t sure if you life was cool or not just write down all of the cool stories that you can think of that were cool to you and things that happened in your life that taught you a lesson or things that in your life have made you the person that you are now today. Whatever stories it is just try to leave a message in them if you can, although it might feel like your life isn’t that exciting when you think about it in a whole you can be amazed how much it was really exciting when you start to write it down and actually think about all of the stuff that you have down before. Get a AARP advantage plan at

Start with the beginning of your life basically start with your childhood and write about how you grew up and what type of neighborhood you grew up in so that the reader can get an idea of what you were raised to believe. You would be shocked at how much where we grew up and how are parents raised us can really shaped us into the person that we are today. People like to know where other people have come from since it is so interested because we all came from different backgrounds and since we all came from different parents and we were all raised differently in our childhood.

Then you should start with what happened in your life that made you scared or things that happened in your life that almost made you lose your life. People really like to see scary things that have happened to people in their past lives. Although it may be hard to talk about people may be able to relate to things that have happened to you in your past life and they can start to get over what has happened to them if they see that someone else has gone through the same thing. Write about the things in your life that made you a better person.

Writing A Book As A Senior