Medicare coverage, as we all know is offered for seniors who are 65 and above and the citizens of the United States. Besides, it also requires either the person or his/her partner should have worked for a minimum of ten years. Sometimes, seniors below the age of 65 may also qualify for this coverage in the event they meet the guidelines and have specific disabilities.


The Federal Government offers Parts A and B of the Medicare:


Part A


Part A covers experienced nursing care, home health care, hospice stays, and inpatient hospital care. Also, there’s a deductible of around $1,316 as well as co-insurance after a period of 2 months.


Part B

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

Part B plan compensates for doctors as well as other similar visits, home health care, medical items that are durable, outpatient care, & a few preventive services instead of a hospital care. Part B premium is currently around $134.00 while the deductible amount is $183.00. The plan is designed so that the government compensates for about 80 percent of your medical expenditures.


Part C


Also known as the Medicare Advantage plan, it unites Part A & Part B as well as adds further benefits that may include coverage of prescription drugs(Part D) and vision or dental coverages. Part C may be zero-installment (you need to still pay your Medicare premium amount) or have another premium depending upon the benefits.


Part D


Private agencies cover this plan which compensates for your prescription drugs. The costs may vary between $15 – $100 each month. Each of these may have a different list of approved drugs.


Medicare Supplement Plans and advantage can be quoted at


Since Medicare doesn’t cover every single cost associated with your health-care, the supplemental policies, also called as Medigap, are able to compensate for some or all the expenses that are not included within the Part A and Part B of Medicare. But, this plan doesn’t cover medicines and have extra premiums for Part A and B Medicare.


Most people prefer combining the above plans as per their requirement for getting the best coverage.


Other Important Facts:


A person can’t apply for both the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Supplement Plan.


A person can change their Part D or C plan each year throughout the period of annual enrollment.


Although you may be offered better insurance coverage than before, you need to still pay attention to every detail when it comes to your Medicare. Carefully go through your Medicare summary and other important docs and ensure to take necessary action for having the decision of your claim reconsidered prior to the expiration of your appeal deadline.


Terms & Changes: Medicare 2018