There are so many things that you can read and we all already know this, there are a lot of really good books out there but there are also a lot of really bad books out there that when you look at them you can just tell that they aren’t a good book at all. But then again there are books out there that the cover of the book is really ugly and it doesn’t look cool or interesting to read at all but then you read it and it actually really is actually good. This is where the term don’t judge a book by it ‘s cover comes from. Which is true but you also need to choose a book that does look like something you would want to read even if that means picking a book by what the cover looks like. Get a AARP advantage plan at

A good type of book to read is a book that is about history and how it has changed over the decades. Although you may already know a lot about history since you are older you can still learn a lot of things that you most likely didn’t know before. There are so many different things that have happened over the years and most of us don’t know what it and most of us probably won’t know about it ever in our life. So try to learn more about the world and where everyone in our world comes from although it might be boring unless you actually like that type of thing like learning about new things and becoming smarter and start to learn new information.

Another thing you can read is books about things that people usually don’t read like books that give information about different topics. These books can be really interesting and can include things like how the world was made, aliens, mermaids and other things in the world that is a mystery to most humans and things that we may never ever find out what they really mean. In the end reading a book that gives you more information about the world and the cool things that are in it is better. It is good to have a lot of information about things in this world to know more about it and be smarter than other people are in our life. Read about our world.

Good Books to Read as a senior